Playing with Jasper

Every photographer has a different approach to photographing children. Its such a great thing that families can choose an approach and style that suits them, and I’d always suggest taking the time to really look around to see what style you are most drawn to. This session, with the absolutely captivating Jasper is a great jumping off point to tell you a little about how I like to work with children.

Often, at the beginning of a session parent are nervous about how their child will respond, whether they will ‘cooperate’ – sit in a certain way, smile.. And that anxiety about performance can be picked up so quickly by a child, often having the exact opposite effect than the parent hoped for. Stress and crazies all round.

My sessions aim to capture children in their most natural state, that of play. I like to take things slowly, get down to their level, have them take a look at my camera, and show me the special toy they brought along.

As a parent your job at a photo session may be to snuggle with your child and simply be together, chatting, looking at a book, listening to the birds. Or it may be to step back, once they find their feet, and watch them play (or carry the snacks ;). I haven’t met a child yet I can’t be friends with. The moments will happen by themselves, there is never any pressure to create something that isn’t authentic. I’m experienced in being there to capture them. and if things aren’t working we’ll change tack, take a break, even put the camera away for a bit.

I often ask a child how they would like to be for their photo – its important that they feel like they have a voice in this process. Sometimes their suggestions make the best shots of the day (or at least the funniest 😉

If you want perfect-imperfect, honest, high spirited images of who you children really are in this fleeting moment, lets chat!

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